Both Zoom webinar and Zoom meeting have the built-in option to create a registration page. Zoom lets you add a banner at the top of the page.

In this post I will share best practices on how to make the most out of your Zoom Webinar banner: What is the recommended banner size, how to structure the webinar banner for social networks, and what are best practices for designing a Zoom webinar banner.

Zoom Webinar banner example

Here is an example banner on a Zoom Webinar registration page:

Example Zoom Webinar registration page and banner

Zoom Webinar banner dimensions

Zoom recommends the dimensions of 640px by 200px for webinar banners. Zoom supports image size of up to 1280px by 1280px.

Regardless of the actual image size, zoom will automatically resize your image to height of 200px. Therefore, to use the maximum banner width, you should keep a similar width to height ratio, e.g. 640px by 200px / 1280px by 400px / etc.

Zoom Webinar banner supported formats

Zoom supports GIF, JPG, JPEG and PNG file formats.

Zoom Webinar banners and social media

When you post a link of the Zoom registration page to social media, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram will automatically grab the banner as the main image for the post.

The way you design your webinar banner will impact how it looks on social media.

What are best practices for designing a Zoom webinar banners?

When designing your Zoom webinar banner, it's important to keep social media in mind. You and your audience are likely to share the registration page on social networks.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instragram all operate at image width larger than 1000px, and so using 640px by 200px dimensions will not look good when posting on social media.

To make the most out of your Webinar banner, both on Zoom and social networks, I recommend to design your Zoom webinar banners to 1280px by 400px.

Where should I place the details of the webinar on my Zoom Webinar banner?

The dimensions of Zoom banners are 640px by 200px, which is roughly 3:1 in ratio.

Facebook images are 1200px by 630px, Linkedin images are 1200px by 627px and Twitter images are 1024px by 512px, all of which are roughly 2:1 in ratio.

The difference between the Zoom webinar banner ratio (3:1) and the social networks' posts ratio (2:1), means that usually the left and right edges of the banner will be cut out on social media.

To make sure your webinar banners look good on social media, place the most important content like title, date and speakers in the middle of the webinar banner.

Zoom Webinar online banner designer

Want to create a Zoom Webinar banner with the right dimensions? You can use Glow's free Zoom Webinar banner designer to create banners that look like this banner:

Example banner created by Zoom Webinar banner designer